Don't just listen to us. See what people are saying about our Taekwondo classes. 

I love this place! Great atmosphere, great teachers...prices are very competitive. Master Yi is passionate about what he does and doesn’t loose focus of what is important most...the well being of his students. I highly recommend this Taekwondo School!
— J R.
My son has been taking taekwondo at Master Yi’s close to a month now, and he loves it, and enjoys being with Master Yi and all the teachers.

I wasn’t surprise that when given a few choices for a venue for his 4th birthday party he chose this. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant as I was unsure if all the kids can/will have fun, or more so, a bit doubtful of how Master Yi’s team will keep 17 4-6 yr olds entertained (as maybe not all kids will be into taekwondo). I even contemplated on hiring a magician - which Master Yi gladly accommodated my request to be able to bring an outside entertainer; but we ran out of time so we weren’t able to hire one.

Well, there is absolutely no need for extra entertainers...17 absolutely ENTERTAINED and HAPPY kids throughout the hour and a half! The team were amazing (as they always are) with the kids. Master Yi and Park were magical with the kids...the kind of energy you get from people who truly love what they do. The mini lesson was fun to watch and parents couldn’t help but cheer during the obstacle challenge. Cake/pizza time - they were hands on, serving etc.

Exceptional service from the whole crew. From the moment we arrived till the minute we loaded the gifts and extra food.

The bottom line, if you need a place that would make your kid’s party super fun - this should definitely be on the top of the list to consider. As I looked around the room at about 26 parents, I saw smiles on the faces as they watched their little ones become mini-martial-artists for a few minutes. I have to say this is the first time I have seen parents watched happily instead of being on their phone browsing for the whole hour and half!

And if you need a physical activity and encourages great values for the little one, again, this is a place to consider.
— Clarissa D.
A perfect combination of caring and involved instructors who support the character and physical development of young students.
— Michael W.
I started going the family classes at Master Yi’s shortly after my daughter started in their Little Tigers program because I didn’t want her to have all the fun. The family classes give my daughter and I a good opportunity to have mother-daughter time. I personally enjoy the physical and mental workout that I get from the taekwondo classes. Master Yi and his staff are always there to provide instruction on proper technique and give pointers based on what they are seeing. My stamina, flexibility, and confidence have improved since starting as a white belt. The classes might be challenging at times, but Master Yi’s humor and his own taekwondo skills that he demonstrates (he doesn’t just talk) make the classes fun and engaging. I am glad my daughter and I are at Master Yi’s Taekwondo and Martial Arts and we both have our eyes set on getting our black belt one day.
— Macy L.
Our experience with Master Yi’s after school program and tae kwon do classes has been very positive. The staff is helpful and knowledgable showing concern for the children under their care. My daughter loves the classes and focus is a great life skill.
— Lisa B.
My son has been with Master Yi for over two years. Timothy is now a black belt at the age of 13. Tae Kwon Dohas helped him with staying focused in school. Over this time Master Yi has pushed Timothy to always do his best in class and school. He has also helped our son with kids that would bully him. Master Yi does not promote fighting but self defense. I would truly recommended all children and adults to come be apart of a wonderful dojo. All the staff is friendly and helpful.
— Linda T.
Master Yi’s location is fantastic. Both of my children have learned tae kwon do, Korean culture, are more respectful and show more self confidence than before their classes. We have held one birthday party there so far and hands down it is the best place and the most stress free party we have ever had. we will be doing that again!
— Fonda L.
After doing some research on Richmond kid party venues, I came across Master Yi’s. My child had expressed interest in martial arts so after learning about this venue’s birthday party accommodations, which include cool features like samurai sword cake cutting and a tae kwan do demo with the birthday child, I booked the party at Master Yi’s Midlothian studio location. It was so much fun to watch. Both Masters were great with the kids - playing with them on the moon bounce and teaching them some basic tae kwan do moves while instilling lessons about respect and discipline. The kids listened intently to the masters and enjoyed the instruction and games. Both Masters appeared to enjoy spending time teaching and connecting with each kid. The venue was very clean, well-sized and accommodating for the party, with a special room for eating cake and pizza, which came with the birthday package.

I highly recommend Master Yi’s to host a young child’s birthday party. My husband and I were so impressed that we plan to try out some tiger classes for our daughter.
— J S.
This is a great school to begin learning the martial arts. More importantly Master Yi is a great teacher and a seasoned martial artist, anyone looking for a place to learn martial artist should definitely come in and check this school out.
— Oliver D.
We always knew that we wanted our five year old to not only have the skills he needs to defend himself, but to be focused and respectful. However, after unsuccessfully trying two other martial arts program we were about to give up. In each of the program, he did not follow directions and/or was easily distracted. We decided to give it one more try and signed up for a trial lesson at Master Yi’s and we are so glad we did!

From the initial private lesson, I knew this was the program for him. I carefully observed how Dillon responded to Master Yi. He was so attentive and followed Master Yi’s every word. The best part, he seemed to enjoy doing so!

I can also tell that Master Yi is very good with kids. He knows how to teach them so that they listen and remember. I saw that he had Dillon repeat the name of the martial arts move after him. He would also ask Dillon questions to reinforce what he learned. He is also very funny! But I still had one concern. How would Dillon do in a group setting? We have been here for over 3 months now, and Dillon listens to Master Yi exactly as he had in his first lesson.

I am so impressed with this place that I would recommend anyone here. Dillon is always looking forward to going to taekwondo. It’s definitely something we want him to continue to enjoy for a long time.
— Taylor T.
My 8 year old daughter has been loving it, and it’s a joy to watch Master Yi teach. You can see he enjoys the students, and the students thrive under his engaging manner!
— Sarah A.
Master Yi’s TKD is a Fantastic place for my 6yr old! We have had my son in his program through Little Tiger’s program and have been thoroughly impressed with the way they adapt to each child’s ability and confidence. Master Yi is amazing with all of the kids by providing consistent gentle guidance for all of his students. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my son’s attitude and confidence as well his coordination.

My son loves Master Yi’s TKD so much that we decided to sign up for their Birthday Package. I have done various kid’s birthday packages through the years and was expecting something similar for the price range. However, I was blown away at what I was able to get for my money. Master Yi and his staff were so personable with each birthday attendee and parent. They made my son feel so special throughout the party and took care of all of the things I normally worry about the week before a big party.

Everyone at the party, parents included, loved the constant positive fun energy and have since had two parents that have become part of the Master Yi’s TKD family.

Thank you for all the wonderful life lessons and training! My two year old is eager for his start in the program :)
— Samia M.
Our Family loves Master Yi and his staff. What can I say; this has been by far, one of the best experiences we have ever had with an organization. Master Yi has limitless energy, and has such a fun personality that both children and adults can easily relate to. I am not certain how he does it; but he manages to treat each student with such a unique and personal touch. My son has gained such an interest in learning his Korean Terms and techniques that we rarely have to encourage him to prepare for testing. In addition to the awesome weekly interactions we have with Master Yi, we gave our son a birthday bash with Master Yi for his 7th birthday, and we did it...”Olympic Style” !

This was a Birthday that I am sure he will never forget! Our family and friends are still talking about it ..... 48 hours later:-). Master Yi’s and his staff managed the entire group of 15+ kids with ease, kept the party on task, and made my little guy feel like a real Olympian!!! He also engaged all of the birthday party participants with a mini-Taekwondo lesson and an awesome demonstration.

If you are looking for a place where you or your child can learn from a true team of professionals, build confidence, discipline, and feel like you are hanging out in your living room with a few of your closest friends.... this is definitely the place for you.

We simply just could not be happier!
— Chantelle B.
My son has been going here for a little less than 6 month. He started with the trial program, then he fell in love with martial arts and we enroll him for full-time. He’s 7 years old and changed a lot with in couple month. This studio is an excellent place for kids to stay focused mentally and physically. The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable and the classes are worth every penny. Master Yi is phenomenal teacher and always helps. I highly recommend this Olympic Taekwondo TOP martial art school in this town...
— Kim R.