- The importance of courtesy & respect

     - Self-Control & cooperation

           - Coordination & the benefits of physical fitness

                 - How to set & achieve goals

                       - Commitment & not giving up when faced with challenges

                              - Better focus & concentration

The Children's Program at Master Yi's Taekwondo offers classes for boys and girls 6-13 years of age. Our core values, discipline, respect, and honor are at the heart of our curriculum and the kids reflect these values in their behavior on the mat, at home, and at school. The classes incorporate vigorous physical training with precision skills and techniques instruction, so the children receive a martial arts education that both challenges and inspires them everytime they step on the mat.

Master Yi fosters a positve, inclusive environment in the dojang. The children cheer for one another, offer one another support, and welcome new faces in class, which makes the challenge of learning new skills in a group setting exciting and motivating. The self-confidence our students develop from martial arts training carries over into all their pursuits...and equally importantly, the kids have fun in class!